sq.fit provides square footage for fitness professionals to create, teach + film, autonomously.


Host classes or create content from any of our indoor or outdoor spaces.


We provide fully equipped fitness + filming spaces that are meant to feel like your own. Our flagship location is in Carlsbad, CA, just steps away from a coworking space + coffee shop.


We help with content creation, brand development, marketing strategy, website design, setting up business platforms/tools + taking your classes online.


We are building a community of #fitrepreneur for #fitrepreneurs by giving support through connection, events + collaboration. 


"...I wanted a space where I could teach my classes a few times a week while working full time.  The only options were to teach out of my home, start my own studio, or work for someone else.  None of those options were ideal.  So, I started sq.fit.


Fitness professionals deserve more, so we're cutting out the middle men." 

Julia De Luca, Founder

Our mission is to equip fitness professionals with spaces, resources + support they need to become entrepreneurs. #Fitrepreneur

Fitrepreneurs need flexibility + options that align with their clients. 

We have 3 options for booking space at any of our 5 locations. 

Drop-in as needed, create a pop-up class series or sign-up for a membership. 

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Book our spaces on a per need basis. Film or teach when you want. No commitment needed. 

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Subscribe to one of our monthly memberships that allow for flexibility at an affordable price. 

Want to establish a set schedule for your recorded or in person classes? Commit to a pop-up series for a week up to 3 months.

"sq.fit provides a badass experience for ANY instructor with a following of their own. There’s indoor & outdoor space, top-notch sound system & even coffee and DRAFT Boocha for after classes. This spot is the fit entrepreneur’s dream come true!"

-Ippo D.

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