The first membership for Fitness Entrepreneurs is more than just a space.  It is a place where fitness professionals become entrepreneurs. 

  • limited time offer
    Every month
    Valid for 6 months

Membership perks:

50% off all bookings

Members get a 50% discount on any space they book regardless of time or date.  Non-member pricing is $100/hr

Professional photo shoot

Members get 1 FREE professional photo shoot with their membership.  The session can just be of the instructor or of their class in action.  ($350 value)

Business bootcamp course

Members get $100 off Talent Hack's Six Steps to Six Figures Accelerator for fitpros who want to work smarter + scale bigger.

Priority booking

Members get priority booking for new time slots that come available.  

Filming hours

Members get 5 FREE filming hours per month to create new content or record online classes.  Filming hours may vary by day + time.  ($100 value)

Monthly strategy call

Members get a 30 min monthly business strategy call with Talent Hack(Talent Hack provides business tools for the next generation of fitness trailblazers)

Logo creation/update

Members get a free logo design or update. 

($200 value)

Coffee at INVITA Café

Members get FREE drip coffee at Invita Café located two doors down from


The Fitrepreneur membership will automatically renew every 6 months.  No cancellations or refunds within the 6 month commitment term

Membership cannot be transferred or used by any other instructor. Each fitrepreneur is allowed 1 substitute instructor per month under their membership. If more substitutions are needed, the substitute instructor would need to purchase their own Fitrepreneur membership or pay full price for the hour

A $25 no-show fee will be applicable for any filming hours booked and not used. reserves the right to reschedule filming hours

**Membership terms + pricing subject to change**