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Rolling with the punches.

Julia here, founder of, to give you #fitrepreneurs some motivation, support + resources.


ADAPT. The most important word for an entrepreneur, especially an entrepreneur in the fitness industry. We need to be able to adapt to ALL changes + challenges that constantly come our way. That can be anything from schedule or location changes, to advances in technology + fitness trends.

2020 has been particularly challenging for some in regards to AB-5 (more on this in next blog post) and most urgently because of corona virus aka COVID-19.

Minimizing stress + maintaining a healthy body are crucial for combating a variety of diseases. Having a healthy + strong immune system should be everyones top priority + exercise plays a huge role in keeping your body in tip top shape. According to Harvard Health Publishing:

“Exercise can contribute even more directly by promoting good circulation, which allows the cells + substances of the immune system to move through the body freely + do their job efficiently.”

So how can your business (that relies on human interaction) still thrive in this state of panic? How can trainers, group exercise instructor + all other fit pros still do what they do best while keeping their clients comfortable and in good health?

Now may be the perfect time to take your classes online!

You may have thought about teaching virtually + having your classes available online, but don't know where to start or have the right equipment/location to make it happen. As fitness entrepreneurs it is our job to make people feel strong and help them thrive in ways most comfortable and convenient to THEM. We are here to serve, however we can.

Here is where I can help + where can be a space for you to do just that!

We can start from the very basics by helping you with creating a website + social media platforms, to live-streaming your classes + everything in between. The space is also available for in-person group or one-on-one fitness classes.

My mission with is to not only provide the space, but the support + resources needed for fitness entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level.

#Fitrepreneurs, thank you for keeping us fit + well. Thank you for all you do for people. People are the most important part of our business, our world + our life.

Be bold + get out of your comfort zone. Now may be the perfect time to GO FOR IT!


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