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Rope them in - holiday edition🎁

Fitrepreneurs! The holidays are around the corner + it's time to get creative on ways to keep your clients engaged + committed to their fitness goals. Here are some ideas...

👉🏽Fitness Challenge

Setup a week or month long challenge. It may be something like:

Squat challenge

Pull-up challenge

Core strength challenge

Flexibility challenge

Checklist challenge

Hydration challenge

Social accountability challenge

👉🏽Free Family/Buddy Pass

During the holiday months, with family in town, your clients may feel guilty leaving them, so make it easier for them to bring them along. Plus, the more the merrier 🎁

👉🏽Discounts + Donations

Choose a local charity that is close to your heart + incentivize your students to donate. Offer discounts to those that donated 🎁

👉🏽Host an Event

Throw a themed holiday party or class. Something like a wrap + workout party. Anything that evokes emotion + conveys the holiday spirit of sharing + goodwill 🎁


Team up with other local businesses to set up a co-marketing campaign to promote both of your brands. 🎁


Hosting a giveaway is easier than you think. It's important to set a goal, and this will influence what giveaway platforms, entry methods, and the prize you'll use to create a successful fitness giveaway. Some giveaway examples include:

Transformation Challenge Giveaway

Free Access to Paid Online Workout Videos Giveaway

Share & Repost Giveaway

5 Star Review Giveaway


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