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This week we reflect on this wild, WILD year; all the challenges, pivots, defeats + successes. We have so much to be grateful for, but we are most thankful for our fitness entrepreneurs #fitrepreneur


Because you believed in yourself + had the courage to not only step, but JUMP out of your comfort zone, classes/training continued online, in parks, parking lots, or at

Thanks to your determination + ambition we have survived our first year in business!! A big THANK YOU to these baddass fitrepreneurs for making what it is today...

Katie Kasten

Founder: On Beat Fitness

Vanessa Aguirre

Founder: V Works

Katie D'Amato

Lauren Griffith

Nick Mann

Founder: TeacherFit

Katie Moynihan

Founder: K8FIT

Kajal Vora

Ippo De Luca

Cat Valadez

Linda Wilkerson

Founder: CDI

Sue White

Founder: Shine Online


Brittanee Greenhaw

Founder: Brittanee

We look forward to see all that gets taught, learned, recorded, filmed + created at


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